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We're called Spika Welding and Manufacturing, but our team does a lot more than just weld. Watch this video to learn more about Spika and how we may be able to help you solve your safety, maintenance, and manufacturing challenges.



Whether you need a large platform for complete phase maintenance of a helicopter, a small work stand for routine maintenance of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, or a custom-designed system engineered for the unique access requirements of aerospace or large equipment manufacturing, you can count on Spika – “Stands for Productivity and Safety.”

Spika Welding and Manufacturing specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality work stands and maintenance equipment. Founded in 2001 on the premise that our military personnel deserved safer, higher quality equipment than being fielded at the time, Spika has spent years working with maintenance technicians to develop work stands that provide unmatched fall-protection while facilitating efficiencies and cost savings in their operations. Spika has over a decade of experience designing and manufacturing OSHA-compliant work platforms and specialized equipment for military and civilian users.

We now have a complete line of products catering to the manufacturing and maintenance of equipment with upper-level access requirements, work stands that interface with tactical vehicles and heavy equipment, and innovative handling gear for maintenance facilities.

Spika products are being used on everything from depot-level Black Hawk maintenance to satellite and turbine engine manufacturing.

Spika is a recognized leader in the field because our customers know we stand behind our products 100%. When you choose Spika, you can expect:

Compliance with even the strictest safety regulations.

As OSHA compliance becomes more and more important, you can be assured that our equipment will provide superior fall protection and facilitate compliance in your operation.

Efficiency and cost savings.

We design all our products with a focus on improving process efficiency and operational readiness. Our stands reduce worker fatigue and improve operational efficiency, helping you recoup your initial investment in little time.

Innovation and custom design.

Spika continues to work with maintenance personnel and technicians to ensure that the products address the true needs of our customers. We have introduced features not found on any other stand – features improving mobility, versatility, ease of use, and safety.

State-of-the-art three-dimensional design technology allows you to see how your product will interface with your equipment before it’s ever built. When you work with Spika, you work one-on-one with our designers and engineers to ensure that the product you buy is ideal for your unique needs.

All-American products.

We use American parts and materials whenever possible, and all the manufacturing happens in Central Montana, at our facility in Lewistown.

At Spika, we strive each day to provide a product that not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of our customers. Contact us at Spika Welding and Manufacturing to see how we can improve safety and efficiency in your facility.

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