All I Want to Know Is Where I'm Going to Fall

What if we apply Charlie Munger’s decision model to decide on owning a Spika safety system?

Unless a facility has had to endure an unfortunate injury from a fall and the consequent direct and indirect costs, and unless that is still fresh in the corporate memory, the value of a robust and elegantly designed safety stand like a Spika is tough to convey.

Additionally, the peace of mind that a Spika safety stand delivers, and the resulting productivity, are not immediately visible or measurable when an injury hasn’t brought the production, maintenance or assembly line to a screeching halt. It is akin to selling life insurance to a healthy 21-year-old.

Operating personnel often face the challenge of communicating to the budget department the deep sense of security and comfort they feel when working atop a Spika safety stand. We see this dichotomy too many times and would like to help managements decide when they ought to consider investing in a Spika safety stand or system.

To help operations personnel make the case for a sturdy Spika stand, we took inspiration from Charlie Munger, the almost as famous business partner of Warren Buffet. The essence of Charlie’s decision-making model of inversion is nicely captured in one of our favorite ‘Mungerisms’, viz., “All I want to know is where I'm going to die so I'll never go there.” Simply put, if you have difficulty in justifying the value of a Spika safety stand, imagine all the things you do not want to happen on your factory floor and take actions to accomplish the opposite.

Here are a few scenarios when you do not need a Spika system.How to Decide on Owning a Spika using the Charlie Munger Decision Making Model

  • You don't need a Spika when a ladder by any welding shop will suffice. Spika designs only robust, resilient, and reliable work platforms, constructed of lightweight aluminum.
  • Spika's work platforms last a long time. Made of aluminum, they are more resilient and lighter than steel and come with specially designed caster assemblies that require 35% less force to move than regular casters. They don't rust, they stay shiny and they are remarkably sturdy and stable − a sterling product for access needs of any complexity.
  • You don't need a Spika when productivity is not a KPI. Spika’s platforms improve throughput.
  • At Spika, we are not content to just design for safety. We also design for efficiency and improved throughput. Workers want Spika platforms because our designs make their jobs easier. Managers want a Spika because it pays for itself over time through improved productivity. Owners want it not just for its positive impact on the bottom line, but also because a Spika system is elegant and represents the quality and professionalism of the operations, both in photographs and during factory tours for clients and safety inspectors.
  • You don't need a Spika when ‘Safety’ is managed as a cost center. Owning a Spika is an investment, not an expense.
  • Users cherish a Spika as an investment their employers make in their personal well-being. They do not consider it a mere tool. At Spika, we pride ourselves in designing access structures that exceed OSHA's standards laid out in §1910 Subpart D for walking working surfaces, so that workers can work safely at varying heights and overreach with total peace of mind.
  • You don't need a Spika when OSHA penalties are a cost of doing business. Spika’s safety stands prevent costly fall injuries.
  • Falls from heights are the most expensive injuries and have a higher chance of head and spine injuries. An on-the-job injury fine can average $97,000, but OSHA fines are just the tip of the iceberg. Indirect costs include a heavy toll on employee morale, lost time, and lost productivity. Spika's designs place users' safety foremost, so that safety concerns are not keeping the CEO and senior management up at night.
  • You don't need a Spika when carpe diem is the dictum. Spika’s 10-year limited warranty is double the industry norm.
  • Our customers are our partners for life. Spika stands by its stands with a warranty that is unparalleled in the industry. We are proactive in our after-sales service to ensure that our partners stay delighted. We design with an extensible architecture for expanding access needs. Our supply chain is dependable because a Spika is entirely American-made, created with pride in Montana, since 2001.

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