Two Awesome LinkedIn Groups for Safety and Fall Protection, and One to Avoid

Last week we talked about OSHA standards related to work platforms. If you are interested in learning more about OSHA and workplace safety, you want to gain insight into industry trends, or you need to ask questions of your fall protection colleagues, LinkedIn is a great place to start.

Fall Protection in Industrial Setting

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Below are two awesome LinkedIn groups related to safety personnel and those working at heights, and one group that sounds promising but ultimately disappoints.

Fall Protection Professionals Forum

This group posts regularly (often several times a week) on topics ranging from the cost of having, or not having, adequate fall protection to hilarious – and horrifying – photos of people using ladders and safety systems in all the wrong ways. Join in the discussion of new products, hidden safety risks, and unique solutions to fall protection problems.

OSHA Discussion and Support

Though not every topic discussed in this group will be relevant to your facility, there is enough high quality content (posted several times a day) that you are guaranteed to find an article or discussion that will resonate with your current safety issues. Discussions include what constitutes a good EH&S person and how to promote a culture of safety within your organization. Safety Awakenings posts a weekly Safety Photo of the Week to test your ability to identify hazards and violations.

Safety & Access – Scaffolding and Work at Height Forum

Based on the name, this group should provide quality insight into safely and effectively working on scaffolding and work platforms. Unfortunately, it amounts to little more than thinly veiled ads and shameless self promotion. Although attempts are made to initiate discussions, the group currently lacks the contribution levels necessary for unique perspectives and quality insights. Avoid this group if you are looking for educational content related to safety and fall protection.

Did we miss a group? Do you disagree with our choices? Let us know below!

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