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Key Reasons to Choose a Work Stand Design Team that Uses 3D Modeling

4/25/16 4:23 PM

When it comes to sophisticated equipment and complicated assembly lines, off-the-shelf work platforms simply will not cut it. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a custom work platform manufacturer, including:

  • How experienced is the company in work platform design?
  • How much does...
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The Slider Revolution: Achieve Perfect Conformance with Work Platforms

4/25/16 2:00 AM

With the ability to extend out from a work deck to conform around equipment edges, sliders have proven especially useful on aircraft maintenance stands and other work platforms where straight decks leave dangerous gaps between the deck and the equipment.

Sliders have been a part of work platforms...

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Three Signs You Should Invest in a Dual-Stage Actuation Work Platform, Not a Scissor Lift

4/20/16 2:47 PM

When someone requires upper-level access with a large amount of height adjustability, they typically look at scissor lifts rather than work platforms. And for good reason - standard work platforms typically only allow height adjustment ranges of one to three feet. For example, they’ll start at 60”...

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7 Steps to Buying the Perfect Custom Work Platform

8/5/14 11:33 AM

So you've decided you need to buy a custom work platform. How do you go about ensuring you end up with one that perfectly suits your needs? Try following the steps below.

1. Determine your needs

This first step is the most important. The better you understand your needs, the happier you will be...

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Industrial Work Platforms: Aluminum or Steel?

3/19/14 9:27 AM

The first decision to make when buying or designing an industrial work platform is the type of metal you want for the structure. You typically have two options: aluminum or steel. There are benefits to both, but for many applications, aluminum is a much preferable option. There are three key...

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Four Methods of Work Platform Actuation: Which is Best for You?

2/6/14 10:44 AM

Going up! One of the characteristics that make modern work platforms so effective is their ability to be raised and lowered to a variety of access points on a piece of equipment. It seems like a simple thing, but work platform manufacturers actually put a lot of thought into the best type of...

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