Inside Spika's Design & Innovation Center: How Design Thinking Helped Evolve the Large Electric Bus Maintenance Platform

Let us take a peek at a drawing board in Spika's Design & Innovation Center located in Lewistown, Montana.Single_Size-40ft_Bus - cropped

The wraparound fleet maintenance design shown in the image above was originally developed to provide OSHA-compliant passive fall protection while working on top of the coach. Crossover rails extend off the end of the decks and reach overtop the bus to connect in the middle. These rails eliminate all fall risks and allow users to work freely on top of the bus without having to utilize any type of lanyard system. 




This model can be modified to provide additional crossover rails to accommodate both 35’ coaches and 40’ coaches, allowing users to quickly reconfigure the system without having to move decks around or purchase a completely separate system for the larger bus.2-1SS_proterra-110468-electric-bus-maintenance-stand-03

As a final design option, one additional reconfiguration can be accomplished by adding a fourth set of crossover rails, allowing the ability to break the 4-deck system apart into two separate 2-deck systems to allow partial crossover access to two coaches at a time. In this split configuration, an additional staircase will be required. 

3-1Customization of this model can include modifications for restricted footprint, additional height requirement, and additional length requirements.

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