Time-lapse Video of Spika Work Platform at NASA for OSAM-1

When Spika was approached by KBR for a work platform system to support the integration and test activities for the Servicing Payload (SP) and Space Vehicle (SV) for NASA's OSAM-1, it was right up our alley.

Spika developed real-time, tailored engineering solutions that satisfied the rigorous and unique requirements for the direct-interfacing flight hardware ground support equipment (GSE). The resulting design provided access for four primary integration activities that required different deck configurations and keep-out zones, as well as different heights, within a Class 10k clean room environment.

Enjoy this time-lapse video to get a sense of the scale of NASA's Integration and Testing Platform for OSAM-1. 

For a detailed case study of this work platform, click here and view Spika's project ID: 110902.

It's the kind of care and attention to detail that is making Spika the provider of choice for several hi-tech industries where sensitive equipment must be accessed safely and productively by both, operators and maintenance personnel. With Spika, nothing will be out of reach for you. 

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